Efficient air purifier filters

NEW Electrostatic cling - Filter Family

Electrostatic cling

Airborne particles pass through a chamber to get electrically charged before passing through the gradient structure of our Blueair filters. The charge causes the polluted particles to adhere effortlessly to the filter media. Even the fine particles such as tobacco smoke cling to the filter media.

NEW Whisper silent delivery - Filter Family

Whisper-silent delivery

Using a combination of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration, Blueair filters are able to use less dense filter media. This means less effort is required to push the air through the filter, resulting in peak performance levels, but whisper-silent clean air delivery.

NEW Classic Filters - Filter family

Blueair Classic Filters

Designed to fit Blueair Classic air purifiers. Choose the Blueair Particle Filter or the Blueair SmokeStop Filter. Both filter types feature patented Blueair HEPASilent Technology, which captures 99.97% of harmful airborne pollutants down to 0.1 micron in size.

NEW Sense Filters - Filter Family

Blueair Sense Filters

Blueair Sense Filters are based on Blueair HEPASilentPlus Technology, which remove 99.97% of harmful airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size. The filter cassettes come with convenient handles for easy filter replacement.

NEW Content Image 4 - Filter Families

NEW Blueair HEPASilentPlus™ Technology - Filter Family

It's all about two sets of filters

Available for the Blueair Sense family, Blueair HEPASilentPlus technology is based on HEPASilent technology. There are two sets of filters, each consisting of a particle filter and an active carbon sheet. The first set of filters removes large pollutants before charging the particles the second set captures the remaining particles.

NEW Blueair Pro Filters - Filter Family

Blueair Pro Filters

For professional performance, choose between the V-shaped Blueair Pro Particle Filters and Blueair Pro SmokeStop Filters. The modular V-shaped design makes handling the filter easy and dust-free. Or use the Blueair Pro Carbon+ Filter for extra filtration of gaseous contaminants in combination with a Blueair Pro Particle Filter or Pro SmokeStop Filter.

Efficient air purifier filters

NEW Blue Filters - Filter Family

Blue Filters

Huge, yet compact, filters

When we developed Blue, we must have been struck with 'filter mania'. That's why the Blue air purifer filter is HUGE. The entire bottom half of Blue is an advanced mechanical filter. Then we added ionization so Blue captures even the smallest of particles.

Blue Sub Header

NEW Revolutionary and Patented Technology - Filter Family

Filter this!

  • The largest filter area of any mobile air purifier
  • Higher airflow and lower noise level
  • Super easy filter change
NEW SmokeStop or Particle Filtration - Filter Family

More activated carbon removes more odors

Our Blue Activated Carbon Filter is both a particle filter and activated carbon filter in one. It contains a lot of activated carbon, so it removes a lot of odors, smoke, gases and volatile organic compounds in your air for a very long time. Perfect to get rid of unwanted gaseous impurities in the air.