Designed to Last

Durable eco air cleaner

Blueair purification systems are designed and manufactured to provide years of service. The system housing is made from galvanized steel, rather than petroleum-based plastic. Durable and long lasting for a housing that holds up over time.

Environment - Recycling made simple.

Recycling made simple

Blueair strives to use only the most environmentally friendly materials to manufacture its natural air purifiers so that they can be fully recycled at the end of their service life. Designed for quick disassembly, and recycling made simple. If your Blueair purifier does end up in a landfill instead of being recycled, its steel housing will not release any toxins into the environment. Plus, the powder-coated finish means no chemical off gassing is produced.

Environment - No chemical additives. Ever.

No chemical additives. Ever

Since polypropylene fibers are waterproof, Blueair purification systems do not require the use of chemical-based bacteriostats or mold inhibitors. Instead of absorbing the moisture in which bacteria thrive, polypropylene repels water and naturally prevents bacteria, mold and mildew from reproducing inside the filter.

Environment - Efficiency without equal.

Efficiency without equal

Blueair’s advanced fan assembly consumes very little energy. In fact, systems use no more power than a single light bulb: from 5 to 20 watts on low to 10 to 120 watts on high, depending on the unit. Any appliance that can achieve high efficiency with lower power use helps reduce our overall consumption of fossil fuels.