The perfect digital air service.

How pure is the air where you work or live? Does it seem good or bad? Thankfully, Blueair’s innovative digital service Air View, lets you quickly get whatever information you need.

All you have to do is enter your location’s address and you immediately get a street view marking which air pollutants flourish in that area. Are there dust particles in the air? Is there road debris? Heavy metals? Is it pollen season?

“Most cities have measurement stations and we pull their data into our system and make use of it,” says Daniel Bergqvist, digital marketing director at Blueair. “In the near future we hope that the algorithms can become more precise and even process things like weather and traffic.”

In addition, another great service is the Air Quality Index, which provides a summary of the data and a guide on how to use it. It’s a great, highly intuitive tool, especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and other at-risk groups.

“A smart thing is if you click on the data that highlights pollutants in the air, information boxes pop up so you can learn more,” says Bergqvist. “One of our main tasks is to raise awareness about air pollution. For many companies clean air is a critical business issue. Air View is an easy way to keep updated.”

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