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Full control of the air in your home, wherever you are in the world – that’s what Blueair Aware enables. With this smart tech­nology you can monitor the quality of the air you’re breathing everyday.

Linnéa Holmgren, ­Connectivity product manager at Blueair, explains how it works: “There’s a monitor connected to digital sensors that measure different components in the air. It measures the concentration of small particles, and the rate of ­hundreds of different gases, such as formalde­hyde and benzene. The monitor also ­responds to human breath, and ­measures the room temperature and humidity.”

How does Bluair Aware work with air purifiers?

“You can link it to our connected air purifiers using the app. If it senses that the air quality has deteriorated, it automatically increases the rate of purification. Some of our air purifiers have Blueair Aware sensors built in.”

How can users see their air quality?

“Via the colour indicator on the product. Blue light means the air quality is good, orange light means it’s bad. In the Blueair Friend app, you can get more information and learn to understand your air.”

How do you learn about it?

“You can see figures for gas concentrations in a real-time graph of air quality in the past month, and receive alerts that let you know when air quality has gotten worse. Plus you get tips on how you can improve your air. You can also see the quality of the air outdoors.”

Holmgren adds that because Blueair Aware can communicate with other products through the cloud, multiple other ­possibilities are opened up:

“It allows our users to connect Blueair Aware and our connected air purifiers to other smart products and create new applications.”

How is the quality of the air you breathe each day? Blueair Aware detects airborne particles, volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, and other pollutants, and measures the temperature and humidity. It can then send the information to your smartphone.

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