Did you think that oxygen was permanent and something you could take for granted? Take a deep breath and think again.

Researchers now believe that global warming is one reason why oxygen is reducing at an increasing rate. When the icecaps melt and the ocean becomes warmer, organic materials such as algae drop down to the ocean’s depths to decompose. The consequence? Consumption of oxygen increases the acidification of the ocean. In this, the natural world is like a game of dominoes: once one brick falls, the rest soon follows.

The greatest changes are visible in the areas around the Arctic, where oxygen levels have dropped by up to five per cent.

Oxygen levels in the Ocean

Today 20%
Limit for human life 7%
About 10,000 years ago 35%
Contaminated large cities 12%

Loss of life

12% of the world’s reefs have bleached due to climate changes.

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