One foot forward, and then another. It’s not so strange that those first tentative steps we took as children were heartily applauded by our parents. Being able to go outside regularly and walk in the fresh air is so much more than an inexpensive form of travel.

A research report from Stanford University ­entitled “Give Your Ideas Some Legs” noted that “walking boosts creative ideation in real time and shortly after”. That is to say, you have more imaginative and exuberant ideas when you move your legs. Furthermore, the report states that the best ­original thinking occurs when walking outdoors, not to mention that people who spend a lot of time in ­nature have bigger brains. (Yep, no kidding!)

With this in mind, we can hardly imagine the brilliant ideas that must be hatched by the ­practitioners of highlining, a form of outdoor tightrope-­walking. The highlining rope is often suspended in a picturesque setting, so that the walker is surrounded by fresh air and scenic spots as they precariously balance en route to their goal.

One thing is certain: every step you take and every breath of fresh air you draw into your lungs can improve your life and make you more creative – whether that comes in the form of high­lining, a serene hike, or a daily walk during your lunch break.

It’s elementary

Oxygen is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (49 per cent by mass) and the third most common element in the universe.

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