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Blueair in numbers

20 years with Blueair. Amazing facts and figures. This is our story.

The Air We Breathe

Raised in China but based in Sweden, Bingbing Shi dreams of a world with better, cleaner air.
“I invest all my energy in this, and feel that I can make a difference.”

Always be Aware

Whether at home or away, Blueair Aware keeps you connected and sends real-time air quality updates to your phone.

Air View

The perfect digital air service.

Three steps to a cleaner world

Nine out of ten people in the world live in – and breathe in – polluted air. Here are three steps how Blueair contributes to a cleaner world.

The Airmakers

No other air purifier has won as many design prizes as the Blueair Sense. We meet the trio of ­designers behind it to talk about sustainability, the environment, and what the future holds.

Natural Enemy

It’s estimated that almost 30 per cent of people in industrialised countries are allergic to pollen, with urban areas hit the hardest despite their lack of vegetation.

Deep blue

Swedish freediver Annelie Pompe has set records by reaching new depths without the aid of oxygen tanks and believes that humans are designed to spend time in the sea.

Every Breath You Take

We know why we breathe. And we care about what we breathe. Now it’s time to give some thought to how we breathe.

Man on a Mission

Today, Magnus Lundström is a celebrated designer in New York City but 20 years ago a conversation with Blueair’s founder inspired a decade-long quest to create an elegant but functional product.