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An Eye for Detail

Smart on the inside – and beautiful on the outside. Blueair leads the way in design and technical innovation.

Up in the air

From gentle gusts to fierce gales, the wind can drive us crazy or keep us entertained.

The Airtist

Australian artist Emily Parsons-Lord works with an invisible medium to create art with oxygen.

Invisible allies

Diatoms are not only beautiful. These tiny living gems also help produce the oxygen we breathe.


Whether in the bustling heart of Manhattan or on a tranquil Alpine slope, these hotels focus on sustainability and the environment.

How clean air drives the economy

It’s clear that many of the world’s biggest cities face major challenges when it comes to air quality. What’s not clear is the best way to tackle the problem. Blueair investigates.

There’s something in the air

It’s estimated that by 2050 more than 70 per cent of people will live in cities so it’s time to talk about the future – and solutions for better air.

Blue zones

Clean air and a good diet can contribute to a long and healthy life but there are some places in the world where people live exceptionally long lives. Here’s why!

Clean air
makes you more creative

Take a deep breath: Did you know that ­people’s strategic skills are up to 288 per cent better in an environment with good air quality?